Prizm Technology Executive File
2,590,991 Corporate Decision-Makers @$70/M

The Prizm Technology Executive File contains accurate, in-depth firmographic and demographic information on thousands of companies producing todayís leading products and services.

Reach 2.5 million decision-makers BY NAME or title in a variety of U.S. manufacturing, wholesale, and service industries, representing a wide range of small businesses, high-tech companies, and established corporations.

Call for counts on the following selects:

Business Address
Contact Name
Contact Title
E-Mail Address
Fax Number
FIPS State/County
Frequent Air Traveler Gender Code
Home Computer Owner
Home Internet Service Home Owner/Renter
Luxury Item Ownership Net Worth Indicator
Owner Name
Phone Number
Primary SIC
RV Owner
Accepts Credit Cards
Annual Sales Revenue Business Exporter
Business Web Site
Govít. Contractor
Main or Branch Office
Manufacturing Industry
Minority Ownership
New Businesses
Number of Employees
Research Institute
Small/Disadvantaged Co.
Type of Business
Veteran Ownership
Women Ownership
Year Established

SOURCE: Proprietary Compiling

UPDATED: Weekly (50,000 new records weekly).

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