Mental Health & Health Care Database
3,663,683 Professionals -- $60/M

This mental health and health care database is one of the most comprehensive databases available anywhere. Compiled from various sources, the database is merged, deduped, and routinely processed through NCOA (National Change of Address) to ensure that each record is accurate and updated.

Clergy 174,649
Clinics/Agencies 37,756
Funeral Directors 20,504
Home Health 11,858
Hospice 8,162
Hospitals 6,438
Marriage & Family Therapists 86,628
MC/Hosp 6,438
Nurses 2,078,793
Nursing Homes 32,710
Occupational Therapists 70,471
Occupational Therapy Assistants 20,958
Physical Therapists and Therapy Assistants 145,136
Physical Therapy Assistants 38,781
Professional Counselors: LPCs, MFTs, Subst. Abuse 102,481
Professional Counselors: MFTs 86,628
Professional Counselors: Substance Abuse 25,944
Psychologists 89,035
Schools 79,047
Social Service Agencies 32,156
Social Workers: Clinical 167,796
Social Workers: State 303,475
Substance Abuse Clinics 7,839
GRAND TOTAL: 3,633,683

This database has proven itself time and again with repeat orders for continuing education programs, conferences and workshops, as well as book and video offers targeted to mental health professionals. The database is also responsive for financial services, office supplies and other business products and services.

This is the list to test if you want to reach Mental Health and Health Care Professionals at home and business address, at a reasonable price and with high (98% deliverability, guaranteed).

Profession: $10/M
Recency: $10/M
Gender: $10/M
Business Address: $10/M
Zip, SCF, State: $10/M
*Telephone: $25/M
*E-Mail: $50/M
*Available only with list rental

PROCESSING Key Coding: $3/M
P/S Labels: $10/M
Cheshire Labels: no charge
CD or Diskette: $50 flat *
Email: $50 flat *
Rush Charge: $50

Standard: $15
2nd Day: $25
Overnight: $50

Minimum: 5,000 names

Sample mailer required.

Prepayment for new accounts.

Net 30 days for list brokers.

Cancellations will be billed computer running charges.

Rental is for one-time use only, unless otherwise approved by list manager.

Reciprocal list rental may be required.

20% commission to recognized list brokers only.

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