Green Hills Group
38,545 Entrepreneurs at Home with Phones $70/M

This highly responsive list—with phones—is comprised of eager action-taking entrepreneurs who have responded to advertising inviting them to start their own home-based businesses.

Respondents are 50% space ad/50% direct mail (postcard) generated, and the advertising is specific, making these very qualified and responsive prospects. The business opportunity they are responding to is in the health and nutrition industry.

Investing $100s and even $1000s is not out of the ordinary for those who get involved. These qualified prospects understand that products are involved and that mail order and the Internet are possible avenues for promotion.

The qualifying postcards and space ads are not typical “get-rich-in-minutes” promotions. Instead, they professionally inform the prospects with facts, making all respondents highly qualified. These prospects are eager, responsive, and enthusiastic, and are unafraid of taking action and spending money to improve their financial situations.

This highly qualified and responsive list should perform well for home business offers, multi-level marketing offers, money-making opportunities, investment offers, debt consolidation offers, credit, lotteries, sweepstakes and gambling offers, consumer catalogs, and so much more.

List Source: 100% direct response, including 50% direct mail, and 50% space/display advertising.

Updated: Quarterly.

Average Order Size: $125.

Three-Month Hotline Buyers: $15/M

List Research • List Brokering • List Management

Recency: $15/M
Gender: $10/M
Home/Bus. Address: $10/M
Zip, SCF, State: $5/M
Telephone Numbers: $25/M

Key Coding: $3/M
Magnetic Tape: $30
P/S Labels: $10/M
Cheshire Labels: no charge
Diskette: $50 flat
E-Mail: $30
Rush Charge: $50

2nd Day: $25
Overnight: $50

Minimum: 5,000 names
Sample mailer required.
Prepayment for new accounts.
Net 30 days for list brokers.
Cancellations will be billed computer running charges.
Rental is for one-time use only, unless otherwise approved by list manager.
Reciprocal list rental may be required.
20% commission to recognized list brokers only.
Net name arrangement:
85% + $15/M Run Charge Minimum 25,000 Records

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