11,835 Book, Tape, & Newsletter Buyers $90/M

Creative Ways is a nonfiction writing and publicity resource for business and professionals - offering books, reports, seminars, audio tapes, and a newsletter through advertising and direct mail.

Included in this customer list are buyers who responded to offers in publications like Bottom Line/Personal, Communications Briefings, Business Startups Magazine, and The National Home Business Report. These included reports such as: "77 Ways for Writers to Get Unstuck", and "66 Ways to Make You and Your Business Newsworthy" and other books, tapes, and seminar presentations.

The president of Creative Ways, Marcia Yudkin, Ph.D., is a leading seminar presenter, and the author of numerous books and tapes on writing, creativity, and productivity. She also publishes a newsletter: "The Creative Glow".

Book titles and audiotape topics include: "Freelance Writing: Breaking in Without Selling Out"; "Smart Speaking"; "Six Steps to Free Publicity"; "Intuition: The Key to Creativity"; "So You Want to Write a Book?"; "Exploding Writer's Block"; "How to Be Your Own Best Editor"; "Become a More Productive Writer"; "Career Building for Writers"; "Procrastination: Creative Solutions"; and "Building a Smart Vocabulary".

The company's books, reports, seminars, and audio tapes were developed to help professionals and entrepreneurs improve their writing, creative, and publicity workplace skills.

This buyer and responder list includes a wide range of nonfiction writers, professionals, and publicity seekers including doctors, lawyers, therapists, stockbrokers, restaurateurs, and many others. All are interested in furthering their careers and businesses creatively.

List Source: 40% Direct Mail, 60% Advertising and Publicity.

Many are repeat buyers. Updated quarterly.

Recency: $1Q/M
Gender: $1Q/M
Zip. SCR State: $5/M

Key Coding: $3/M
Magnetic Tape: $30
P/S Labels: $10/M
Cheshire Labels: no charge
Diskette: $50 flat*
E-Mail: $50 flat*
Delivered only to a recognized service bureau.

Standard: $15
2nd Day: $25
Overnight: $35

Minimum: 5,000 names.

Sample mailer required.

Prepayment for new accounts.
Net 30 days for list brokers.

Cancellations will be billed computer running charges.

Rental is for one-time use only, unless otherwise approved by list manager.

Reciprocal list rental maybe required.

20% commission to recognized list brokers only.

Net name arrangement: 85% + $15/M Run Charge.

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