Active Job Seekers from HRHQ.COM
540,000 Professional Resume Postings $100/M

These are active employed and unemployed job seeking professionals, primarily at home address. The list also includes phone numbers, email addresses and job titles.

All have posted resumes on more than 20 leading job boards, and with more than 80 newspaper career sites.

HRHQ.COM is a leading employment posting human resource Internet organization. The company offers human resource applications, infrastructure, and web-development services to help people and businesses find the right employment match.

HRHQ.COM partners with the world’s leading job-posting companies including more than 250 networking member businesses and organizations.

SOURCE: 100% Internet Job-Posting Websites.

SELECTS: Gender, Geographic, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses, Job Titles and Canadian.

60% Male, 40% Female


The file is updated weekly.

This is the list to test if you want to reach active job seekers at home by mail, phone, or email.

100% Internet Opt-Ins

Recency: $10/M
Monthly Hotline: $25/M
Gender: $10/M
Job Titles: $20/M
Zip, SCF, State: $5/M
Telephone: $50/M*
E-Mail Address: $50/M*
*Available only with mailing list rental.

Key Coding: $3/M
Magnetic Tape: $30
P/S Labels: $10/M
Cheshire Labels: no charge
Diskette: $50 flat
E-Mail: $50
Rush Charge: $50

2nd Day: $25
Overnight: $50

Minimum: 5,000 names
Sample mailer required.

Prepayment for new accounts. Net 30 days for list brokers.

Cancellations will be billed computer running charges.

Rental is for one-time use only, unless otherwise approved by list manager.

Reciprocal list rental may be required.

20% commission to recognized list brokers only.

Net name arrangement: 75% + $10/M Run Charge.

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